What are the main consumer rights ?

In order to facilitate and strengthen relations in the commercial field, legislators have drawn up laws which are made up of rights for consumers. In this article, we offer you the main consumer rights that you should absolutely know about. Read on to find out about these consumer rights.

The main consumer rights

Every field is governed and regulated by laws, and this is also the case in the commercial sector. Indeed, everyone is concerned by these rights, especially as we are all consumers. As a brief history of the advent of consumer rights, it should be remembered that they were introduced on 15 March 1962 by the National Association for the Defence of Consumers and Users. The first consumer right relates to safety. In other words, the consumer is entitled to protection against products, offers that are dangerous to health or well-being and against any production process that is deemed harmful to the consumer. Secondly, the consumer also has the right to information in all these senses. This is one of the rights that is most trivialised today in the commercial sector, as traders always tend to provide false information regarding the quality of products and the risks surrounding the product. This explains the propaganda, dishonest advertising and labelling on the market. The right to information enables the consumer to make better informed choices.

Other main consumer rights

Apart from the above-mentioned main consumer rights, there are other rights that you need to know about in order to better cope with society. Among these rights we have the right to freedom of choice. If the consumer must be in possession of reliable information that can guide his or her choices, he or she must also have a right to choose. This means that the consumer must have access to a variety of products, offers and prices on which to focus their choice. Finally, the consumer also has the right to attention to all their concerns while giving their opinion.