How to live in society as a disabled person ?

You are disabled and feel alone in your environment. Certain behaviours can give you a taste for life. You are not the only one and you will not be the last. So, with a firm conviction, you can overcome your feeling and live with immense joy in your society. Discover some tips to feel surrounded by people of good faith.

Accepting your condition

Not all disabilities are welcomed in society. When you are in such a situation, you have to recognise that it is not your wish to be like this. But this is not the reason why you will be anxious, the best solution is to be proud of your condition. It is a condition that you have to learn to live in another world. In society, behave as if you have nothing and you are capable of doing everything. You still have the human sense of love within you that can carry you towards others. So don’t try to stay on the sidelines to show that you are not happy. Nurture ambitions that will set you apart from others to make the healthy believe that you have talent. This is a way of revealing your personality, so that living in society as a disabled person will no longer be a burden for you.

Create your own activities


With your disability, you are not able to do everything that others do. So, to feel really happy in society, it is necessary to create your own activities. Activities that will not make you tired but rather give you a sense of purpose. What your hand can do is all that can make you happy. In this situation, you realise that you can never do work that can feed you. If you are creative, you will get away with it. You can undertake easily and make a living out of your job, but there is no question of you begging anyone to satisfy your needs. The human mind is different from that of animals, so choose your own activities to feel happy like others.